F/W 2018
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Petit Dejeuner: a breakfast series

for carbs, laughter and conversation

with our muses, the Baguettes.

Zuri Marley

Where: Cafe Dante

What: Pain Au Chocolat + Orange Juice with Extra Pulp

Fun fact: no matter the temperature, Zuri doesn’t take off her sweatshirt. She’s from Kingston, Jamaica, so she’s used to the heat. But she hates it. It was probably 2,000 degrees the morning we met, so the heat was a huge part of our conversation, and how it doesn’t help the streets and the train to smell better. But when she talks, you can hear why Zuri’s voice is one of a singer. And all you want is to hear her sing her songs.


What is your best breakfast memory?

I love breakfast. I’ll have breakfast at any time. All my breakfasts are memorable. but when I was younger, my nanny had made me a waffle, regular Eggo waffle. But when I bit into it, my tooth fell off!!! I think that’s the time that I got Tiffany from the tooth fairy.

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Nelson & Isabelle

Where: Laduree Soho

What: Rose Croissant + Matcha Tea for her / Eclair Au Chocolat + Iced Coffee for him

Let’s talk about love, let’s talk about Nelson and Isabelle. Now imagine what love would look like if it was a place. Probably a very comfortable pink room with pillows and feathers. That’s what Nelson & Isabelle feel like, a cloud of love and laughter. Not only do they perfectly match their outfits, but they are also never apart. They work, live, breathe and eat (they do a lot of that) together. An inspiration. Straight up GOALS.


What is your best breakfast memory?

The first breakfasts with each other’s parents. His family is from Nice. So sitting on their terrasse, watching over the mountains and the sea at the same time while his mom cooks breakfast. Meanwhile, when we first moved in together, her dad was staying with us too. So we lived with him and in the morning he always drinks a huge bowl of “cafe au lait”, coffee with milk. Those are the best memories, meeting each other’s parents over breakfast.

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Naomi Elizée

Where: Two Hands Tribeca

What: Banana Bread

If you haven’t met a Vogue editor a week before the Met Gala, you should. Naomi walked over with her soothing voice and her funny insights of the fashion event of the year. The conversation soon drifted to her path to working at Vogue and her upbringing in Florida with parents from Haiti and her sister born in Montreal.


What is your best breakfast memory?

You know, my best memory is really memories, just like breakfast being an actual meal that with it down with your family for. It’s very nostalgic for me.

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Anahita Moussavian

Where: Cafe Mogador

What: Fruit Bowl + Drip Coffee

We met with Anahita at Cafe Mogador on the first real humid day of summer in New York. Meeting with a fashion editor the same week as the British royal wedding is the most exciting thing: we highly recommend it. Anahita has been at The New York Post for over 10 years, and she tells it like it is. The Fashion industry has no secret for her.


What is your best breakfast memory?

I’m not really a breakfast person, at all. Usually coffee is my breakfast. But when i was little I would make breakfast for my mom and my sisters. And I would make waffles in the shape of Mickey Mouse with what I called magic water – which was essentially just water and sugar. My mom was such a good sport for pretending to drink it.

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Gabriella Karefa Johnson

Where: Cafe Cluny

What: 2 Poached Eggs + Half Avocado + Extra Crispy Bacon

We met with Gabriella at Cafe Cluny on a gloomy morning. Gabriella is the definition of a badass + such a ray of sunishine. She walked and automatically we knew it was going to be the start of a friendship. Her enthusiasm, her knowledge and expertise, without mentionning her perfectly contiagious smile… This breakfast was one for the books.


What is your best breakfast memory?

My favorite breakfast memory: when we were kids, we never really did birthday dinners. But we would do birthday breakfasts, with my twin sister. It was a big thing, you knew that on the day you woke up, mom would make your favorite thing. Ours was fried apples: apples with cinnamon and sugar. We would wake up to the smell of fried apples… hat was the best.

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Babeth Djian

Where: Janis’ house in Normandie

What: Babercue with what Normandie has best to offer

Babeth and I met like we always do at my house in Normandie for a sunday brunch. Trouville is where we met. Babeth was my first introduction to the fashion world when she offered me an internship at Numero. She’s such a figure, such an inspiration and role model to follow. I am honored to consider her a friend and an advisor.


What is your best breakfast memory?

I love all breakfasts. For me it’s a wonderful day starting. So my best memory is this morning.

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Estelle Pigault

Where: Maison Sauvage

What: Café allongé

Estelle is everything you never see: a fashion girl who doesn’t take it too seriously. There was not one second during our breakfast where she didn’t smile. Her souther accent is like a breeze that freshens up the air. her stories from the south of France to Londong, going through Dubai, are always the most entertaining!


What is your best breakfast memory?

My best breakfast memory… The last one I had with my mom on our balcony in Sète. I’d come home and she’d buy everything I loved when i was a kid. Croissants that I would fill with marroon cream, grape juice, a bowl of coffee and her bowl of black tea. We would take about everything and nothing. It was simply great. Breakfast was very imprtant for her, as it is for me.

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Caitlin Hubner

Where: The Standard Grill

What: A Fruit Bowl

Caitlin is fresh and always ready for a good laugh. After working in several kitchens over a few years, she finally decided to partner with a friend of hers and launch Savta (savta means grandmother in hebrew): a series of pop up brunches where the recipes are based of family traditions. Follow them on instagram @savtabk to stay tuned and be lucky enough to try their recipes!


What is your best breakfast memory?

Every Sunday growing up we used to wait in line at the bagel store for fresh everything bagels… when we got home we would put the bagels into a basket (but save the bag they came in) and my dad would make a huge pan of scrambled eggs- then dump the bag that the bagels had been in into the eggs, and mix in all the everything bagel seeds that fell off 🙂 it’s the inspiration for the soft scrambled egg bowl on my menu that’s topped with everything bagel seeds

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Sandy Liang

Where: At Sandy’s Studio in the LES

What: Goodies from Balthazar

We met Sandy at her studio in the lower east side – which is nothing short of a haven a beauty. Clothes everywhere, color, patterns, textures. the studio, just like Sandy, breathe creativity and querkiness.


What is your best breakfast memory?

My best breakfast memory is probably just eating cereal as a kid. Like in elementary school when you would sit down with your sibling and eat cereal.


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Eleonore Oudea

Where: Janis’ apartment in Soho

What: Wine + Cheese

Eleonore is Janis’s oldest friend and a board member of Janis Studios. They actually learned English together when their parents sent them and their sisters to summer camp in New Jersey at age 10, right before middle school. She has a private fund with her family and works for Kima Ventures… A #girlboss.


What is your best breakfast memory?

Arriving in Courchevel in the Alps during the night when everything is dark. Waking up in the morning with a warm hot chocolate by the fireplace in front out the clear and cloudless mountains. First day of holidays…

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Paige Elkington

Where: Gracias Madre

What: Nachos off the secret menu

Paige is a comedian, a writer, an actress, an influencer, a beauty queen… She’s all of it in a little human. As she told us about where she got to where she is, she also managed to talk about how she almost adopted a pig and how black widows are a plague in Los Angeles.


What is your best breakfast memory?

Oh Lord! Breakfast in bed is my favorite.

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Blanda Jana

Where: Buvette

What: Tea

Blanda and Janis have been friends since Janis started her embroidery business, and kept in touch since – across the country. Blanda’s voice is soft, and her words are always inspiring. She never stops. After 7 years in New York, she moved to LA where her art florished and is now getting ready to pack her suitcase and move back to Europe.


What is your best breakfast memory?

Birthday breakfasts when I was a child!!! My mom always made these incredibly delicious birthday brunches and bake chocolate cakes only for our birthday breakfasts! Since my birthday is in spring she would pick flowers from the garden and arrange them around my breakfast plate 🙂 whenever I am in Switzerland for my birthday we still do the same ritual, it’s such a special thing!
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Sophia Li

Where: Cafe Gitane

What: Baked eggs + bread

We sat with Sophia outside in the beaming sun of Nolita… The start to a perfect day. Sophia is a bold, multitalented woman, who left Vogue after almost 5 years there and now is a freelance director. Between campaigns, she also runs the organization HER, a community of global women, united by the values of vulnerability, authenticity & genuine connection.


What’s your best breakfast memory?

Growing up I would go to China almost every summer and my favorite part was how each set of grandparents prepared breakfast. My grandpa would use veggies from his own garden and my other grandparents would always have youtiao waiting for me when I woke up: basically a fried breadstick + two fried eggs cooked inside that you would eat with some sort of soup. With both set of grandparents, the whole family would eat together and you would start your day like this.

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Phoebe Lovatt

Where: Balthazar

What: Crepe with spinach + scrambled eggs with grilled onions

We met Phoebe at Balthazar, and it was such a delight to meet a fellow European with very similar “foreigner” experiences in the US. Quirky, incredibely smart, Phoebe had the best advice on how to start a business and making a difference in the industry. Mind you, the best advice we took from that breakfast was where to get the best lash extensions in NYC.


What’s your best breakfast memory?

I always feel most liberated when I’m exploring a new city on my own, and going out for breakfast is one of my favorite things to do when I’m traveling solo. A couple of years ago I made it Tokyo after fantasizing about it forever, and had the perfect traditional Japanese breakfast by myself in a rooftop hotel restaurant, looking out at the city beneath me. Rice, miso soup, fish, pickles, and green tea – served in the most tranquil environment. A literal dream come true.

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Gia Seo

Where: Once Upon a Tart
What: meatless breakfast sandwich

Our Petit Dejeuner series kicks off with our girl crush, Gia Seo. We met with Gia at Once Upon A Tart and she ordered a meatless breakfast sandwich because they ran out of bacon. Gia Seo is a creative consultant and stylist in New York City with a insane career history and she’s just started! First off, she’s from Alaska and triple majored at NYU – one of a kind. She was a buyer at The Webster and now is a freelance creative and model. Have you seen her H&M campaign with Adwoa?


What’s your best breakfast memory?

“I don’t eat breakfast, but have you heard of the one cup diet?”
… We started talking about K POP shortly after this question!


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Amrit Sidhu

Where: 11 Howard
What: fruit bowl

We got a hold of Amrit! She has a full time day job, while DJing parties at night! We sat down with the busy gal at 11 Howard, spoke about upcoming events, life as an Australian living in New York, and how Australians are taking over the New York food scene.


What’s your best breakfast memory?
“My best breakfast moment is a current one, it happens on the rare occasion that my boyfriend and I have a Sunday off together (doesn’t happen very often, but when we do) my favorite thing to do is to go into Brooklyn, and get pancakes together at 5 Leaves. “

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Banna Gebremichel

Where: 11 Howard
What: coffee

We met with Banna for about 8 minutes until she had to run across the city for a quick meeting. Just two days before she moved to London! Banna is the co-founder of @glazednyc, a space to share their infatuation with vintage art, music, film and fashion through their accessories.


What’s your best breakfast memory?
“Going to Keren Eritrean Restaurant in DC and eating Shahan Ful. It’s owned by family friends so they had this photo of my grandfather’s soccer team from the 40’s framed on the wall. My Grandfather is one of my biggest inspirations. Keren is also named after the village in Eritrea my mom’s family is from!”

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Matilda Lowther

Where:  Le Pain Quotidien
What: salmon tartine + turmeric latte

Matilda walked into Le Pain Quotidien like New York is her catwalk. Impressive beauty, she’s also the perfect amount of cynical and quirky Brit we all need a good dose of in the morning. We spoke a lot about the outdoors, the beautiful English countryside, hiking and Matilda’s transition from modeling to photography. We can’t wait to see what she gets into next.


What’s your best breakfast memory?
“Full on English Breakfast at Glastonbury at 3am on a hill.. Summer 2017!”

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Anaa Saber

Where:  Banter
What: pink beet hummus + tea

We caught up with Anaa Saber at Banter and discussed her life over some bright pink beet hummus. She’s a freelance writer and blogger for her very own, Our Second Skin. She is the perfect girl for the Darka bag: feminine streetwear afficionado.


What’s your best breakfast memory?
“4 years ago, I taught English in Turkey. The first day in the village, I was greeted with a breakfast unlike any other. The spread was lavish; tomatoes, cucumbers, cheese, hard-boiled eggs, all kinds of homemade bread, jams, and pastries. But what made the memory this special was the hospitality, the kindness and compassion foreign teachers had greeted me with, I felt right at place.. It was a moment of unity, a breakfast I’ll never forget.”

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Janis’ Mom

Where:  The Standard
What: soft boiled eggs + potatoes

“My mom is the ultimate source of inspiration, the perfect #baguette. She built her art business from the ground up, after she graduated from engineering school. She comes see me in New York every year for the Armory art fair and I’m always more impressed but how she is welcomed by the art scene, across the Atlantic. I’m so grateful to have such an inspiration and role model to look up to.”


What’s your best breakfast memory?
“I was in the desert in Israel with artist/friend Herve DiRosa. We woke up after a night under the stars and the bedouins delighted us with mint tea, crepes… Right here in the middle of the desert. It was so surprising, the best sharing experience I have ever had.”

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